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Luxury Wash On Wheels


Meet The Owner

Detailing has always been my passion. Since before owning a car i would always find myself cleaning someone's car for a little extra cash. Working for my grandad when i was 13 and getting fired just a few days after starting, I've known it was something i loved to do. Starting this company almost 10 years ago i would have never thought of it going where we are today. I've always set goals for the company and I'm always shocked to see us hit them every time. Going from 1 beat up trailer to a fleet of top notch detail vans. I'm feeling accomplished. But my dreams don't stop there. I love the fact that i can teach other people to understand detailing, to see that its a lot more than just washing a car. Even someone with no experience with washing cars has been able to give out wonderful details, and the ones with experience even better. Your feedback has helped me to make the right changes to meet your expectations. We would not be where we are today with out the support of our clients. My goal is to continue to grow and successfully expand Luxury Wash On Wheels, so that everyone can experience a great detail company.

Our Detail School

Luxury Wash Detail School

We are often asked how we have been so successful in finding such wonderful employees. My response always goes back to training. After attending a few classes myself, I realized how proper training is one of the keys to consistency. Our detail school is exclusive to Luxury Wash Enterprises. We have designed this school to fully educate our crew members on how to perform their job properly. From "Mobile Detailing" to "Window Tinting" we teach it all in-house.


We don't just train how to do the job. We break down every aspect of the vehicle so that our crew understands every aspect of your vehicle. You can rest assured that your technicians will be fully knowledgeable of the products and procedures whenever touching your vehicle. By the time one of our Certified Techs shows up to your door, he will have a minimum of 50 cars detailed at our training facility. We have a wonderful dealership that we work with that supplies our school with vehicles that mimic the day-to-day task of what our detailers go through.

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